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Tell us you have AS without saying you have AS....

Alright, let's try out this trend. Tell me you have AS without saying you have AS.

  1. My pharmacy can't pronounce the reason I need to take Cimzia. 😀

    1. I would find some joy in watching the struggle lol Thanks for sharing, ! Hope you have a great day! -Anthony (Team Member)

  2. My nickname given to me by my children is "ol crunchy hips" 😑😅

    1. - If I said that to my mother, my nickname would be "lil bruised bum" 😅 -Anthony (Team Member)

  3. I dread going to bed

    1. I do as well. But then again, Sheryl hides in the dark and scares me both by making scary noises and saying mean things. You laugh, but that woman scares me even in daylight. Imagine at midnight with the lights off.
      rick - moderator

  4. When I get outta bed in the morning surviving the dogstacle course while struggling with morning stiffness is a stand up comedy act in itself! By the time I get to the toilet I’m limbered up only to get stiff again by briefly sitting! Do you feel me out there?!?!?!

    1. haha preparing yourself to wipe your a** as you have stiffened back up

    2. @sushihog72 - OMG this is amazing. I think more people resonate with this than don't! Sending vibes for some comfort and relief! -Anthony (Team Member)

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