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Tanning beds - does anyone else have experience with them?

Yes, I'm well aware that they are not recommended. I have no intention to convince someone that this helps.

However, after really struggling for the past few months, I was grasping at straws. I hadn't been outside much in the summer due to work, and by October I had debilitating fatigue. I was also very depressed by the end of December, and experienced intense suicidal ideation. Figured I might give this a shot as a sort of sun replacement (I live in Sweden).

After five 10-minute sessions, it seems that I'm feeling better now.
Unfortunately, I have changed some other things as well, such as completely abstaining from alcohol (not that I was drinking much anyway). So, not a particularly valid self experiment.

Which brings me to my question: has anyone else tried this, and what was your experience?

It should also be noted that I'm being treated by a rheumatologist. Currently humira. I've been trying different strategies such as diet changes, fasting etc. I've tried every supplement there is, including 5000IU of vitamin D per day.
Sunlight does much more than vitamin D creation, for those that are not aware.

  1. Hi - I am wondering if tanning feels like self-care for you, like something that is relaxing or calming to do. If it is, I can imagine that taking the time to do something that you enjoy and find solace in would help you feel better. Maybe part of why tanning is helpful is that you really enjoy it? - Cody (Team Member)

    1. Hi Cody,

      Being a man, I had never gone tanning before. I go during my lunch break so it's semi stressful rushing there and back. I suppose it's somewhat relaxing once you're lying down, though it is loud.
      You might be right, I'm not sure. My sleep schedule has improved loads, but that could be temporary (derailing as we speak haha), or just a coincidence.

  2. Hi ,

    This is a really interesting topic and I am so glad to hear that it was able to improve how you were feeling!

    I was actually considering going tanning myself. Although I must admit it was more due to the fact that I am currently way paler than my Mediterranean genes would like to be after spending so much time indoors during the pandemic!

    I hadn't considered the implications of this on my condition so I am not quite sure if there are any effects but I shall certainly be asking my rheumatologist for advice before I do it.

    If they tell me anything of note I will make sure to let you know!

    Wishing you well,
    James (Community Member)

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