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Sulfasalazine shortage?

I’m 36 years old and living with AS since 2012. I have been on NSAID most of the time and Sulfasalazine is added during critical flares with good results overtime. Last December, I was put on Sulfasalazine again and I’m having a hard time accessing to the medication. I had three boxes left at home, but now that I’m running out, I’m not able to find it anywhere here in Mexico. I read the shortage is a global thing, but I was wondering if the situation is resolving somehow in US? Have you been able to fill your prescription? I’m not in good health overall and very scared of needing a corticoid.

  1. Hi ,
    That is frustrating. After doing a little research on Sulfasalazine and the shortage, it looks like the manufacturer hopes to have a release date by the end of February. (Obviously, not set in stone.) In the meantime, you may want to reach out to your healthcare provider as there are similar products that may work as a suitable substitute. Another option you may want to consider is an "on-line" pharmacy, where it can be shipped to you once available. Hopefully, others will chime in on their personal experiences with Sulfasalazine as well.

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