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Sudden Onset of Symptoms

Hello everyone,

I went to a trip on november last year and something shifted after that. It started with pain in my groin area, had some itchiness in my scrotum and then developed some sores and eczema. After that, I felt pain while urinating and some twitching down there. The tendons of my groin got inflamed. Then all of a sudden mid december I woke up with pain on my knees, feet, ankles, lower back and hips and got some tingling on calves and feet with muscle twitching. Everybody thought I had a bad injury hiking but that wasn't the case. In january I got full onset of symptoms that attacked my hands, ankles and shoulders. Also, pain on my ribs and got a rash on my right hand. All the MRIs came back normal except lumbar which showed some inflammation, pelvic x ray normal even though I have SI joint pain, thoracic spine normal. In january they found an ongoing UTI and bacteria overgrowth in my GI tract. Finally on monday I'll see a rheumy. My question is if AS comes like a truck like all of my symptoms are coming and what to expect. I don't get morning stiffness, usually the pain is worse if I move so I tend to spend my time in bed and painkillers. I just want to know what to expect and get back a little bit of my life if they find out what's causing my problems. All the doctors discouraged me and told me I should retire from running and all the sports I practice, I feel like no one is truly helping me and I just want to get proper treatment and answers.

  1. Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear how challenging it has been for you.
    It's great that you are getting in to see a rheumatologist this week. Many in this community have found a rheumatologist helpful in diagnosing and treating their AS. As we wait on others to chime in here, I thought I'd share this article on a bit of the diagnostic process of AS:
    Please keep us updated on how things go with your visit this week.
    All my best, Doreen (Team Member)

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