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Stomach Issues with AS

Hello Friends!

About a year ago I was diagnosed with AS. Since then I have put in SO much work to feeling better. And I am finally starting to feel more like myself each and everyday. I chose to take a more natural route when treating my AS, I became a vegan, take herbs, mediate, yoga, strict exercise routine, etc. with all these life changes my quality of life has improved tremendously. So much so, I just got back from a snowboarding trip that would have NEVER happening two years ago.

Even with my symptoms improving, in the past 6 months I started to notice some issues with my gut. It has happened three times and am unfortunately experiencing that fourth right now.

These episodes come out of now where and are completely unprovoked. I all of sudden feel violently nausea, which results in me vomiting or diarrhea for days. I have noticed that these episodes have only happened when I change my environment like going on vacation, going to an event, sleeping in a new bed, etc.

Marijauna has really helped the nausea when I am having an episode. I also have taken Zofran and Lorazepam to help calm my gut down as it feels like my gut is extremely inflamed or having some sort of panic attack. It is odd because I don't consciously feel anxious but my stomach is tight and in is in knots as if I am having a panic attack.

I am not sure if this is just me or something most AS folks deal with. This is still so new to me and I am SO young, I just need some help and advice on how to handle this. I appreciate any help and support I can get from this group!

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to reply!


  1. I experience the same thing. Out of the blue all of a sudden I will have stomach issues. Pain and diarrhea. It will be hard to digest food. And I feel completely run down. Dizzy and nauseated and no energy. I will just have to lie on the couch. It lasts a day or two. I have since been diagnosed with IBS and I am having a weird attack now out of the blue. It’s not fun.

    1. Hi I hope you are keeping well.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with nausea. I too suffer from nausea, I wrote an article about it that you can read here

      I'm not 100% sure of the cause of my nausea if it's from pain, fatigue, or medication.

      Luckily, I have been prescribed anti-sickness tablets. I also drink chamomile tea and find adding ginger to meals or smoothies helps too!

      Hope you find some relief soon,
      Ali (Community Member)

      1. been going on for me for a few months now. its the worst. cbd helps a lot. medical marijuana definitely helps me also. it happens to me right as I'm trying to fall asleep, i have to get up and pace the floor for an hour, with anxiety and feel like I'm going to pass out. i take zophran, pepto, heating pad helps. now im debating ona new medication, biologic, but im to nervous of the side effects.....

        1. Hi Bruce, thank you for sharing! That is almost exactly what I experience also. The random nausea out of no way and yes it happens right before bed or right when I wake up. I happy to hear that you found things that have helped, I am in the process of getting medical card so I hope that helps! I never went on the biologics as I was too nervous for the side effects too. I actually went more of a natural route, and even though I still deal with some very mild pain and nausea, my overall quality of life is SO better. Like night and day. Most days I live a pretty normal life!! I am a vegan (cut out all inflammatory foods), I take herbs, strict exercise routine, lots of sleep and I really focus on keeping my stress levels very very low. If you are interested more in my herb regime and vegan diet, don't hesitate to message me personally! I understand 100% how scary the biologics can be. We are all in this together, right 😀
          I hope you are having a pain and nausea free day!
          Take Care- Natalie

      2. i have also gone onto a vegan diet. my pain is almost obsolete. my stomach issues are unbearable. driven me to the edge. im goig to double up on my cbd intake and see if that helps. its helped everywhere else. what state do u live in? good luck. i will be thinking bout you.

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