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What Type of Shoes Do You Wear? Do They Help With Pain?

In a recent conversation on our Facebook page, the group talked about shoes that help with their pain and discomfort.

Many people mentioned Sketchers and Crocks. Others said being barefoot was better than wearing shoes.

Have you found shoes that seem to help with pain?

  1. Specific shoes? No, but I would recommend trying gel or foam insoles. The ones I use are Spenco. Every pair of shoes I own have them in now. They absorb so much of the shock and jarring. Your ankles, knees, hips and back will all thank you.

    1. Great tip, ! Thanks for sharing! -Anthony (Team Member)

  2. I am really liking the Hoka Bondi 6 style shoe. Extremely cushiony. They are running shoes but I use them for walking

    1. Thanks for the tip M22gurl! Glad you found something you like 😀 -Anthony

  3. i wear Hoka tennis shoes with inserts. With those i am able to walk more with less pain

    1. , That's great to hear. Thanks for sharing.
      I'm glad you have found something that has made a difference.
      All my best,
      Doreen (Team Member)

  4. I really like to cook and a day in the kitchen kills my back. I found if I wear crocks I can have more time with less back pain. Out of the house I wear a good running shoe like Saucony, and instead of going barefoot I'll wear Teva sandals as they have decent support. Standing is the enemy, but I can walk 5 miles with no sweat.

    1. - Thanks for sharing! So true about crocks! They might not be the best looking shoe in the world, but they sure are comfy. Do you use a standing mat in the kitchen to help at all while you're cooking? -Anthony (Team Member)

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