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im 52 and have been dealing with as for 20 plus years. with the help of cbd oil my pail level is a 3 out of 10. ive tried so many different medications.bad reaction to humira and now im scared to try any others. problem is my stomach has been giving me trouble for over a year now, like major trouble. from thinking i was having heart issues to hpylori next. now just constant discomfort, bloating, dizziness,heating pad 24\7. cant take it anymore and got to try something. id take the back pain back over this stomach crap anyday...... anyone have luck with medication that helped your stomach? any help will be appreciated.

  1. Hi ,

    I want to say you are a warrior. It takes so much strength to keep fighting the pain you are going through and for 20 years that you have been going through. I am sorry you have been suffering for so long. I can relate on being sensitive to medication. I have been the same. I have tried many medications, but haven't been able to continue due to the same issues with having stomach problems or more symptoms. Not fun at all to go through this, when all you want is to find something to feel better. It sucks with medication because it is all trial and error, until you find the right for you. Everyone is different and will react differently. What has been helping me is a biologic. I am on Cosentyx. It has taken the pain away, but has brought some better days. I have been also on Humira, Taltz and Cimzia before this one. The feelings you are feeling I think is very normal being afraid. I have felt many times the same way with medication.

    Take care and wishing you well,

    Nicky (Team Member)

    1. thanks for listening, this disease change everything about me. its just not fair. im a good person who feels like im being punished.cimzia is wat im going to try, humira and i did not do well at all. goodluck and take care

    2. @bruce69 It is a pleasure to listen and be here. Please let us know how your are doing. I wish you the best luck on Cimzia. Hope your doing well today.

      Nicky (Team Member)

  2. We've been where you are. (Not me, though--my husband is the one with AS.) Treatment is a weird journey for AS. There's no easy one-size-fits-all solution, and doctors don't often know which treatment is the best until you start trying them. It's good to track any side effects and additional symptoms, as you mentioned, and bring them up. There are SO many things that can pop up because of these treatments, or even additional things to manage that are just other symptoms of AS that people don't know about or expect.

    For Keegan? He gets a really painful gut sometimes. No explanation. But bringing it up with his doctor has helped him find some remedies. (Probiotics seems to help most of the time!)

    Hang in there--I hope you find some good luck with another medication soon!

    1. hi Bruce. Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. I know how tough this is and I know how helpless you can feel sometimes. Just want to say, don’t give up and keep sharing with community. Although I don’t have the worst stomach issues in the world, they are pretty much ever present. I try to eat as many greens as possible and stay away from the carbs, alcohol, and heavy dairy. CBD also helps me, but I find that the olive oil CBD is a lot lighter on my stomach than the coconut oil. Good luck!

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