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Pets and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Do your pets help you get through tough days living with AS? Share pictures below of your animal friends!

  1. Hi Anthony!

    My dog, Percy, helps me through the worst of days. Whenever I feel like no one else gets what's going on, he always does. He just senses when I am having a flare or just down. I highly recommend getting a pet! He truly brings so much comfort and love into my life! I don't know what I would do without him. Here is a photo of him checking himself out in the mirror, cracks me up every time! I hope you are doing well Anthony!! Best of wishes Xx - Natalie

    1. Percy! You wanna treat?! - Thanks so much for sharing! Percy is adorable and I'm so glad you two have each other 😀 I agree, if people are interested and able, getting a pet can have such a postive impact on your life. This is my Susie Q and she's been my support system for the past 13 years! Susie and I are sending you and Percy all the positive vibes! -Anthony (Team Member)

    2. Percy is so cute !!

      And I’m glad it’s not just me who appreciates my pet more than anyone else in my flare 😂
      My dog buddy has always known when I’m having a bad day and tends to stick himself too me on those days just because he knows he’ll get lots of cuddles, but I don’t mind, it makes me feel less alone

  2. This is my sweet baby Penny! She is extremely sweet and loyal, and will protect me at all costs. Her one bad quality is that she will not hesitate to bite anyone who dares come near me when I'm not well. But otherwise, she loves everyone and is such a sweet girl! I'm so thankful for her!
    -Katie, Team MemberThis is my sweet baby Penny. We joke that she is my personal guard dog as she is not afraid to bite anyone who comes near me during a flareup.

    1. This is Truman and he gets me up everyday and keeps me active. Its hard to be down when he does something goofy, or snuggles up or is just hanging out with me.This is Truman, and he gets me up and going and keeps me active

      1. Look at those eyes! They sure have a way of picking us up when were down. Thanks for sharing! -Anthony (Team Member)

    2. This is Claude and Noah.
      Noah is the old fella in the background. Claude is the one in the foreground who thinks he's a lion or a tiger...or even a wolf.
      Here they both are waiting for us to return home. Claude, in particular, behaves more like a dog than a cat. He follows me most places, makes a lot of noise, and comes to me when I whistle.
      I adore them. They are great company and daft as a pair of brushes. And don't get me started on the 'cats have great eyesight' thing. If I had a pound coin for every time I've had to point to scraps of food that are only inches from their paws, I'd have enough cash to pay for laser eye surgery for both of them twice over. And still have enough change for a couple of pints in my local. Claude - in the grey fur - and Noah - wearing black and white.

      1. Claude and Noah look like wonderful partners in crime.
        They are adorable and must be great company.
        Thanks so much for sharing!
        ~Doreen (Team member)

      2. Hi Doreen. My pleasure. They spar sometimes but then I catch them cuddling on the sofa. You can never tell with those two. 😀

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