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Pain in your hands?

Does anyone else experience excruciating pain in your hands, swelling in the joints, to the point that you cannot use your hands very well?

  1. Hey Rhonda!

    I have experienced this as well. My right hand seems to be the worst, with the joint at the base of my index finger and middle finger being the most affected areas. You're definitely not alone!

    -Katie, Team Member

    1. I experienced the same, before my diagnosis I informed my specialist of this but he put it down to my job, (chef). Only to find out all along it was AS. I've been out of work for months due to lockdown and the swelling remains on my hand between my knuckles between my first & middle finger. It looks like an air bubble. So much for it being my job haha

      1. I have awful pain in my hands and feet. On certain days I can't even pick things up. My thumbs are just about useless. My feet are so painful sometimes that I fear if pushed or bumped into I could easily fall. I though it was just me but I am so glad I found this website to know others are going through the same thing.

        1. We are thrilled to have you here with us. We are all better together and much better with you here with us.

          rick - moderator

      2. In addition to AS, I also have PsA [psoriatic arthritis], which is most noted in the hands. There's a high incidence of HLA-B27 positive marker in PsA, as well.

        Humira was a game changer for me.

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