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Pain after fall

My husband had a bad fall a week ago and has since needed to sleep in a chair as he has severe pain trying to lay down. He had an xray the following day but they are 2 weeks behind in checking them. Anyone know what might be the problem? There is no swelling or bruising.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your husband's fall. Two weeks is a long time to wait. I do hope he will get some answers and much-needed relief soon. Please send him all our best. ~Doreen (Team Member)

    1. @oldtimerD
      That sounds miserable for you both. Would it be worth calling your husband's surgery? They might be able to update you, or at least give you some idea what you can both do in the meantime to ease his pain and discomfort. Please give him our best wishes - and to you too. I hope you both get the support you need soon.
      Go steady
      Steve - Community Advocate

      1. Hi ,

        Sorry to hear about your husband's fall, have you guys received the results of the X-ray yet?

        Does your husband have AS? Because one time I had a bit of a fall which triggered my condition to have a flare up.

        I hope he makes a swift recovery!

        All the best,
        James (Community Member)

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