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On biologics with pain?

I’ve been taking Humira for five months now, and although I have much less flares than before the treatment, I still wake up with a lot of pain and stiffness.
Do you take biologics and still feel some stiffness or does it go away completely for the treatment to be successful?

  1. JPJP: The answer is both yes and no. I have used biologic medications for 20 years. Part of the time I feel perfect. Other times I wake up stiff and hurting. you asked if it goes away? Yes it can but not a first. Think of inflammation as something that builds in your system. Just as inflammation builds it will not simply go away. It takes time and the right medication. Not all biologic medications work for all people. For me I have used five different ones. Each worked, some better than others and some quicker than others. My first one I used over 6 years and this one I have used for almost 8 years. I liked the first one the best, and the current one the second best.

    So the bottom line is that it is a matter of degree. I do not know a single person who uses one that says yes they no longer have pain, or are not tired, or have swelling. Biologic medication is wonderful. But it is not miraculous stuff. You use it, have a good dialog with your doctor, track symptoms and then evaluate progress.

    rick - moderator

    1. Thank you, Rick! It’s great to be able to hear your experience and input.
      It makes sense. Only thing is that I have a memory that the last time I took Humira - for two years - a few years ago, I went into full remission and was pain free. But to be honest, I’m not sure of that, I should have a pain journal.
      Anyway, now I am fearing going to bed. I hate going to sleep wondering how painful it’ll be at 3am then again at 4. What level of pain will interrupt my sleep and make me make the worst, most awful faces as I try to move.
      Is that how everyone here feels? Comforting to know we’re all warriors together!

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