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Not Just Back Pain

What symptoms do you experience other than back pain? How do you manage them?

  1. Muscle pain, spasms, rigidity. It makes some days hard to walk. I sometimes need a cane. I’m only 31! Lol I take muscle relaxers when I can. I haven’t found an effective way of dealing with it other than the meds but they make me so sleepy I can’t function. So I do t take them through the day.

    1. , I also rely on muscle relaxants from time to time, and they all just knocked me out. I got a new primary doctor, and he asked if I’d ever tried baclofen, which I hadn’t. What a miracle — it doesn’t knock me out like every other muscle relaxant had, which means I can take it at work (which I could never do before). Anyway, if you haven’t tried it, ask your doc about it!

  2. I call them "electrical spasms" in my low back area. Neuro stimulator doesn't help this at all

    1. Burning, some days it feels like I was set on fire, leg pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, irritated with the loudest noises.

      1. I always describe the pain to my loved ones as "burning fire." Sometimes I say it feels like there's a blow torch all over my body. It's a relief to know I'm not the only one—I don't always hear the pain described that way. I once told my doctor that I feel inflamed and she stared at me blankly! Then I said, "the pain is very very hot" and she seemed to understand. I also get those other symptoms, fatigue being the most pronounced for me.
        Hoping today wasn't too tough for you.
        -Diana (Team Member)

    2. Tendinopathies, mainly in the infraspinatus and supraspinatus, relieved with an ice pack and steroid injection. Joint effusion in the knee. Other than that, weight on the spine as a whole, and on some days burning on the back of the neck. As the next dose of infliximab approaches, fatigue appears.

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