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Is anyone diagnosed with Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis?

@eathomas is looking to connect with others who are diagnosed with non-radiographic AxSpa. Jump in the comments below to connect!

  1. Yes, I’ve had it since 2003. I’m also HLA-B27 negative.

    1. hello MrDuncan. I had Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis for several years. In fact my doctors were convinced that the issue was not AS at all. I did respond well to RA medications and I still do. However, my spinal surgeon felt differently. When I finally had Spinal Laminectomy and that sealed the deal.

      My surgeon was absolutely convinced that I had AS and sure enough as things progressed the x-rays demonstrated the issue. I do not blame the doctor he was following the best information until it was shown.

      It just goes to show that AS is very difficult to DX.

  2. Yes. I was diagnosed in 2014 just before my 28th birthday. Eye doctor figured it out because I had iritis and he asked me about my back/joints. I’m HLAB27 positive and have no signs on xrays of damage. I started on sulfasalazine pills but my liver didn’t agree so I was put on enbrel. I’ve been taking that for years. Feel free to ask me any questions!

    1. Since diagnosed has your xrays shown any change? I’m diagnosed and my lab was negative as well. I do have mild changes on X-ray but I have a lot of pain.

      1. Hello Misty,

        I am sorry you are dealing with these things. One thing I have learned for me anyway is that AS is often difficult to see on an x-rays. It tends to be more easily seen using other imaging devices. i suggest you discus your concern with the your doctor and They can likely explain what they are seeing.

        rick - moderator

      2. Hi Misty!

        This sounds a lot like what happened to me. Prior to diagnosis I had an MRI done. The MRI was negative as was all my lab work, with the exception of being HLA-B27 positive. I saw a rheumatologist and she told me it was "highly unlikely" I had AS for a multitude of reasons and pretty much blew me off. Three weeks later I saw a spine specialist and he did an x-ray on my pelvic area and low and behold there were changes, but very minor ones. That day in particular though, my pain was so bad I was trembling from head to toe. Long story short I found a new rheumatologist who looked at ALL my imaging and confirmed I did in fact have AS. My lab work is consistently negative though. Are you on any type of treatment plan?


    2. I am on Sulfasalazine and Mobic. I recently had cervical surgery that caused a flair. Because of negative labs and basically negative X-ray (mild) I question the diagnosis. My rheumatologist truly believes I have AS.

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