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newly diagnosed but in severe ankle pain for months

I have just been recently diagnosed AS/bamboo spine (90 to 95% they tell me) but I’ve been in extreme pain since January. I’ve just taken Humira 2nd dose and it helps about 60% with the pain. Most of my severe pain comes from both of my ankles where it feels like I’m wearing glasses that are choking my feet and they are either hot or cold and always pounding. The medication on top of the injection they’ve given me seems to do absolutely nothing I don’t know if I can live with this chronic pain for ever. Plus I live in Vietnam as an expert teacher where the Humira It’s not easy to come across and when you do find it it’s about $500 US per shot. My main question is how do people deal with the ankle pain because it’s driving me insane? If it’s going to be chronic like this honestly every day for the rest of my life I feel like I should just get my affairs in order and sign off. Any advice on the ankle pain would be so well appreciated thank you

  1. Not glasses elastic bands around my ankles

    1. Hi im going through the exact samething if you like to chat

      1. Hope you get some rest and sending you strength and warm hugs.

        Nicky (Team Member)

      2. hi I wrote to you last week but maybe went to junk? please write🙏🏻

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