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What To Do About Morning Headaches

I wake up from sleeping (after a night of sleep or a nap) with a headache. I know it’s from the pain in my neck and positioning but I’m really starting to hate sleeping.

Anyone else have this problem and what do you do about it?

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  1. jseidl:

    I voted no because i have not experienced this symptom. However, I do not have neck involvement. While surgery might be indicated, I wonder if you asked your doctor about PT, if that might be helpful.

    rick - moderator

    1. I experience this quite frequently myself, jseidl. I did notice they seemed to stop while I was on Humira, which also did wonders for my AS pain. However, I became allergic to Humira, and now after being off of it for 4-5 months the headaches have returned. I get debilitating migraines as well.

      As far as something to help, I'm at a loss myself. It seems that once I get up out of bed and have my coffee they seem to simmer down a bit, unless they are migraines.

      I'll be interested to see more responses on this topic!


      1. Thanks for the response, Katie! Sorry to hear of your allergy to Humira, especially because it was working for you. I have opted to not go the medication route. It’s a tough one for me as I’m a nutritionist and feel like conditions often can be controlled by healthy diet and lifestyle. Because much of AS is due to inflammation, I have tried very hard to reduce it. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I have finally succumbed to muscle relaxers and 800mg ibuprofen to control spasms and pain. This helps with my headaches a lot except in a flare which then is not enough to stop the headaches. Like you, usually once I get up and have coffee, the headaches dissipate some but they usually come on about 2am so it makes for a horrible night of sleep! Ugh! Interested to hear how other people respond as well and maybe it’s time I decide on other meds as well.

        1. Hi all,
          I’m new to the site and chiming in as I searched on morning headaches w AS. I was diagnosed 13 yrs ago and Humira has helped take off the edge. But for past 3 yrs I wake up w splitting headaches 3 out of 4 nights, generally around 3:00 AM. Advil helps after an hour or so but hate taking so much. I think it’s from neck stiffness? After two cups of coffee it feels better but often exhausted due to poor sleep by of headaches. No answers, just sharing..,

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm glad you found our community 😀 Welcome!

            -Anthony (Team Member)

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