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Losing Weight With AS

Diet, and exercise.. that's what people tell us. But, how do you lose weight and keep in shape when low energy and pain makes working out and cooking difficult?

  1. I would love to know the answer to this question! But I guess there is no easy answer. I actually collaborate with a naturopath and pilates instructor to make meal plans and exercise programs that focus on balanced eating, positive thinking towards movement and probably the most important piece- stress reduction. Personally what I've found useful when I'm having a hard day or week and I feel my routines slipping away is to do things that reduce my levels of stress, as cortisol promotes weight gain. And when I have a high energy day, I'll prepare food in advance so I've always got something nutritious on hand when I'm too tired to cook. The freezer has become my best friend. I think as long as we focus on ticking the main boxes for nutrition- a balance of protein, carbs and fats, and lots of colourful, fibrous veggies... and try to do at least some form of movement each day... even if all we can do is walk around the block for five minutes or do some simple stretches, or in my case some days just get up to feed the cat and go back to the couch... then all these little things will help immensely over time. I was a little obsessed with losing weight at first but found that it wasn't shifting. Now that I'm more relaxed about it and I have a clear intention to improve my overall health and condition I've noticed that it's starting to go. Small changes, done slowly over time seems to be what works for me. It is hard though when you have doctors telling you to lose weight, but also telling you not to over-do it or to just rest. If anyone is interested in some easy recipes to make that are specifically for reducing inflammation, send me a PM and I'll happily share a couple.

    1. Sounds like you have a plan! Love to hear you are working on improving your overall health. I would LOVE to hear some of your recipes! -Jed (Team Member)

  2. I haven’t figured this one out yet either. Plus I am on a great number of medications for other conditions that also make it difficult to lose weight. So frustrating.

    1. Yes! It is so frustrating! I walk 5 miles, eat a salad and gain 2 pounds! 😭 But, meds change body chemistry in ways you don't want them to. Im with you on this one! -Jed (Team Member)

    2. I been having the same problem on my biologics or any medication I go on I always put on weight. It can be frustrating a little when I would like to lose some weight. But I try to follow a healthy lifestyle, make healthy choices as much as I can and move a little as I can. I can understand how you are feeling on this. How you are well today.-Nicky (Community member)

  3. for me it’s been the inflammation and stress. I’ve met with my doctor and we’ve gone over options. I’m mid level progressed and do not want to take biologics. Losing weight and having a healthy diet seemed like a logical goal. I gave up dairy and most carbs. I haven’t lost weight. I did intermittent fasting and nothing. I tried paleo and lost water weight and then plateaued. Told doc and he gave me Phentermine. This made my heart rage like crazy and again, I lost water weight and then nothing. I spoke to a weight loss surgeon hoping for lap band or something similar but was informed that you can no longer take anti inflammatories after surgery because of the way they expand in the stomach, and there is no living without my Celebrex right now. I’m at a point where it feels like nothing is going to work as long as I’m inflamed and full of cortisol, which are natural weight loss blockers. I would love to know anyone that has found a way to reduce the inflammation and cortisol levels enough to get past this hump as well. It’s hard not to feel defeated.

    1. I used Nutrisystems. Meals were prepared and ready to pop in the microwave or oven.

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