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Knee pain while sleeping

Anyone have knee pain while sleeping? I have been suffering with red hot pain in my left knee every night for a few months now. When I finally fall asleep, it wakes me pretty frequently. I do have a huge spur on it, but that’s not where the pain is. It seems to be around the entire perimeter of my kneecap. Any advice is appreciated! 😀

  1. I am so sorry you are experiencing this pain. No doubt when pain is wakes you that means it is very difficult. I suggest you contact you Rheumatologist for a review. Some times knowing what is wrong requires x-rays or other tests. What we see externally is often only a small bit of the picture.

    rick - moderator

    1. Hey ! I hate that you're experiencing that! I agree with Rick, I would definitely give your doctor a call and run it by them. I can tell you from experience with a bone spur (mine is on a joint in my foot) I developed tendonitis and enthesitis which has caused me a tremendous amount of pain all over my foot and up my ankle. If it turns out to be something like that there are things they can do to relieve some of that pain. I hope you are able to get this figured out and get some relief soon! All my best, -Katie, Team Member

      1. Hi . I'm so sorry about this and I echo the other suggestions here. Imaging is prudent for any recurring pain like this. It could be AS wreaking its havoc, and it could be something else, or a mix of the two. I have mild to moderate hip pain and some mild knee pain at times, and I sleep with a yoga bolster in between my knees (vertically, so that it's also in between my ankles) to take pressure off of both my hips and knees. That helps me for episodic pain. I am hoping you can get to the bottom of it soon and you start feeling better. Best, Diana (Team Member)

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