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Ketamine Therapy for AS!

My brother is 41 years old and has suffered from ankylosing spondylitis for 7 years. He was suffering from severe back pain, even throughout the night. He was under rheumatology care and on multiple meds, which were not helping too much.

Upon my insistence, as a brother who has really felt for his pain, he decided recently to give ketamine therapy a try. To our utmost surprise, he responded really well to the treatment only after three sessions, saying that about 70% of his pain was gone. After the last (6th) session, he is now pain-free.

I am really grateful, as I have felt his pain on an emotional level in the last 7 years. So I wanted to show my gratitude by writing this post and recommending the clinic. If anyone lives in Long Island, NY, I highly recommend Dr. Ebrahim Sadighim at Long Island Ketamine Center. He is a conscientious doctor who truly cares about the people he sees.

  1. Hi ,

    Wow this is very interesting, I have never heard of this as a method of treatment before! So glad to hear that your brother reacted so well to it and it has alleviated his pain so much!

    Thank you for sharing,
    James (Community Member)

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