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It's a new month!

For me, January was an awful month.

I had a big flare-up that lasted weeks. Now that I've come out of that flare-up it's time to work on me. I love planning.

At the start of each month, I write down my goals and I make a plan of things to do that will help me and my AS.

Do you do this? And if so, what are your plans?

Ali (Community Member)

    1. I know what you mean, I've been doing the same. I use EVO Architect for my planning.I am a pain Warrior

      1. Thank you for sharing this we are chronic pain warriors! We can do this! Oh I will have to look into the EVO architect for planning. How are you feeling today and what plans do you have for this month? All the best, Ali (Community Member)

    2. Hi ,

      So sorry to hear that January was a tough time for you but so glad that you are over that flare up now!

      That is actually a really great idea setting monthly goals, I have a few to do lists but they don't have any kind of timing associated with them so a lot of the time the tasks stay on there for months! I may have to change that this month!

      What are your big plans for February?

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

      1. I'm glad to be over that flare-up too!

        I set small monthly goals, when I put a time limit on my goals it really helps me achieve them!

        No big plans for February, but I want to incorporate movement into my daily life. This of course depends on how I feel, some days it might be a 1K walk, other days 5K. I'm also hoping to get back into the routine of stretching every day.

        What are your goals?

        Ali (Community Member)

        1. I definitely need to start putting a bit of time sensitivity on mine so I stop distracting myself and get things done!

          That's a great plan and good that you are being flexible with how much you are going to do - good to not put too much pressure just in case you aren't feeling it some days.

          I told myself that I am going to try and do a charity run this year. However so far I have ran exactly 0 miles so I need to pull my finger out. I think I will try and at least buy all the gear and attempt a jog by the end of the month!

          Where do you plan on going for your walks? And what kind of stretches are you planning to do?

          All the best,
          James (Community Member)

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