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Is it safe taking Voltaren daily?

Hi Everyone! I am very new to AS. Had few flares two years ago and stopped until last week. Been having the unbearable flares every night for the last four nights until this morning I’ve realized I didn’t have any. It’s a blessing indeed waking up pain free(light stiffness instead). Could anyone help explaining if we are taking Voltaren or any nonsteroid anti inflammatory drugs, do they reduce the inflammation or they just numb the pain? As the Voltaren (25mg x2) i take in early morning lasted the whole day until the next flare in early hours. I have been stretching a lot and starting watching what i eat. Just weighing if I should try to stand the pain which is impossible at times..or taking Voltaren every day as the side effect’s list also endless. I suppose other question, does by taking Voltaren preventing having severe flares. Thanks everyone.

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