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How Do You Spend Your Weekends?

After a long tiring week, us with chronic illness probably welcome a 2 day break more than most.

I was wondering what you guys do at the weekend to recharge your batteries or reward yourself after getting through a week with AS on your back (quite literally).

Recently I have felt like my weekend fatigue has been at an all time high, so would love to hear any suggestions that could help me generate a few extra spoons in time for Mondays!

  1. Sheryl says that I do not do enough. Of course, she says that about M-F as well. Hey, she is tough........ rick (moderator)

    1. haha we all need a bit of tough loving sometimes! We'll just say you're conserving energy!

  2. I swan about a bit. I do a lot of lolling on the sofa. Oh, and I watch 'Mad Men' on the telly with a nice cuppa Rosie-Lee. 😀

    1. sounds like a great way of spending the weekend! Mad Men is on my 'to watch' list as well, I'm looking forward to cracking on with it as soon as I'm done with ZeroZeroZero!

  3. Great question! So, my work accommodates my condition by limiting my work days to 2 or 3 days in a row. And as of now, I’m only working 4 days a week. When I was working 5 days straight I would crash most of the day and then crash again. Then come night, I’m finally awake. Rinse and repeat for the second day off.

    With my week broken up, I sleep in a little bit on days off and watch some tv, do some art, do some house chores. Just not a LOT of anything, and sometimes a nap between activities. Sometimes my spouse drives me and the dog to a park and watch Mango run around, or we go to a farmer’s market. Most importantly, I don’t push myself at all since I push myself so hard at work.

    1. Hi ,

      That's amazing that your work is so understanding of your situation and allows you to break down the week like that!

      Sounds like you have a pretty good balance, it's so crucial not to push it too hard - something that I have certainly learned the painful way!

      That's so cool that you are into art as well! What kind of art is it that you make?

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

  4. If I am not in a flare up, I spend my weekends outdoors and I try to keep busy. The more I move, the better I feel, most of the time. It's easy to want to hang out inside, especially if it's cold, but I know my body will thank me later for being on the move.

    If it's the weekend and I AM in a flare up, I focus on self care and treatment. Lots of rest. Hot/cold compresses. Anti-inflammatory teas/spices/foods. Baths. Books. Weekends with a flare up aren't great but I guess they're a reminder to slow down.

    1. Hi ,

      I think it's a great idea to plan your weekends based on how your body is feeling. Keeping active when we can is just as important as resting up when our body is struggling a bit - even if it isn't a very exciting way to spend the weekend!

      How are you doing at the moment? Did you manage to spend this weekend being active outdoors?

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

    2. Thanks, James! I did manage outdoor time and I'm grateful for it. After a 2-month flare up, I feel such relief to be getting "back to normal".

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