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How do you manage your fatigue?

Through prompts and polls, you've told us that fatigue is your most prevalent symptom other than pain and stiffness.

How do you manage your fatigue?

  1. I tend to sit and stare. I try to keep my mind active when my body can not be active. This takes my mind off of the problem. I dive into my work or a craft with an end goal and just keep pushing myself. If not, I will just lay on the couch and do nothing.

    1. I rest a lot, even when I am working. I sit when I can. I have a good chair at work and at home. I try to pace myself. I don't always succeed, but if I hit the wall I make for my bed as soon as is possible. A regular routine helps with this, of course. The real struggles start when I go off routine and my day changes and so I forget what I am supposed to be doing and then end up warn out too soon. It's an ongoing project and one I assume will change over time. I am conscious the older I get the more knackered I'll probably become. It's all about adapting to the changes in your body - not getting too set. That and recognising when you are pushing too hard and allowing yourself time to recoup.

      1. Luckily I have a very understanding family, and a flexible job that I have created (I run my own math teaching business). So I can snooze if needed. I also try to start dinners earlier in the days - whether slow cooker or Dutch oven meals, etc. I will put the meat in earlier in the day, then all that's left at dinner is a starch and veggie. I will also try to plan family meals at the beginning of the week and order groceries online for pick up, then I don't need to roam around the store and wear myself out. I will also do smaller, more frequent loads of laundry to try to keep up, rather than let it pile up. Hope that helps!

        1. Literally word for word my routine.

        2. Love it! Great routine and should be so proud that you have create a routine with a chronic illness. How are you feeling today?

          Sending you hugs,

          Nicky (Team Member)

      2. i have given up the idea that i'm a productive human being. i used to be - my friends used to call me Tiggr, after that famous bouncy character with all the energy. Now, i'm good for about 3 hours in the morning, then a nap. After the nap, probably 2 hours in the afternoon, then i'm wiped for the day. i spend the rest of it in bed. i watch a lot of tv and YouTube.

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