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How do I know if I have ankylosing spondylitis?

Many people in our community come here looking for answers. Most of us here know what that feels like.

  • What were some of symptoms that lead you to seek answers?

  • Did you experience symptoms you later found out were caused by AS?

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  1. I had a debilitating lower backache that went down to my buttock and down to the legs at my early twenties. I wasn't able to walk anymore and for 25 days I battle against everyone to prove I wasn't crazy, that what I had was real and not product of my imagination or, as some doctors said, a "psychosomatic disorder". I was in a wheelchair for all those 25 days and after seeing nine different doctors I was finally diagnosed with AS!!
    It was with alive that I received this diagnosis!! Until I realized that a "new life" was ahead of me and I would have to learn how to live with a debilitating condition!

    1. Hi, thank you so much for sharing! It's really frustrating that our real, debilitating illnesses can be dismissed as "psychosomatic." It sounds like you have had quite the journey to diagnosis. I'm glad that you finally have an answer and are now on the life-long journey of learning how to manage! Best of luck to you with everything.

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