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Have you tried the low starch diet?

If so, what was its effect?
And how flexible were/are you with the foods you eat?

  1. I generally eat lower carb than mot Americans. The reason is that i have type 1 diabetes. Being low carb does not entirely mean low starch. But being low starch is part of being low carb.

    What I can say is that i have never noticed one wit of difference in any levels or how i feel when i venture off the beaten path or become more stiff as a result how much i do or do not have in terms of carbs. I know others disagree and I understand. As for how low can you go? People in the diabetes community have as few as 25 net carbs per day. In order to do this they generally follow the Bernstein diet.

    If you wish to get as low as possible you might check out his diet program. People do well with it.

    1. Thanks . I thought all this while that anyone with AS would be avoiding starch given it’s correlation to the inflammation. And it seems that it isn’t necessarily this way. Good to know!

      1. So many in this community have benefited from dietary changes.
        I do hope some will chime in here on the effect of a low starch diet and what a difference it made for them.
        ~Doreen (Team Member)

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