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Good doctors in Annapolis Maryland ?

I’ve seen so many useless doctors where they all take my insurance money but never diagnosed me properly. Because of my ongoing pain, I’ve seen 2 different neck, brain and spine doctors, one which then had me on 4 diff medications that shouldn’t have been mixed with awful results. A hip specialist, a spine surgeon a pain specialist 🤦‍♀️

I'm so utterly sick of this treadmill and I am desperate to find a good Doctor as not one of them ever mentioned this as a possibility of my lower spine hip shoulder and neck pain. I live near the Anna Arundel Medical Center Annapolis so can anyone recommend a doctor please that I can see?

  1. Hi there! I am so sorry you are having a difficult time with doctors. It does often feel like a never ending process! I myself saw my GP and 3 specialists before finding one I trusted. Have you gone to a rheumatologist yet? In my opinion a rheumatologist is an important part of the diagnosis process for AS. Feel free to check out this article: Unfortunately, for your safety we are not able to give specific advice on finding a doctor. Asking your primary care doctor is always a good idea. They know you best and are usually able to recommend someone they trust. Keep in touch and I hope this helps some! Best, Katie (Team Member)

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