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What Foods Make You Flare?

It seems everyone has a certain food(s) they avoid because it causes their symptoms to flare.

What foods have you removed from your diet to avoid the eventual pain and inflammation?

  1. Too many sweets/white carbs (rice, potatoes, etc.)

    1. I hear you! Sweets are absolutely killer for me. I probably should look into carbs as well, but since I also cut out dairy and seafood, I feel I will be left with red meat and dirt 😉

  2. I am looking at inflammation diet. Red meat causes inflammation Jed so I guess now all you have is dirt. Gluten does too. Fiber is great for you as are broccoli, cauliflower and fish. I’m surprised you have trouble with fish. So i guess you get veggies, pork and chicken. Or you can eat game.

    1. I can only eat dirt, but I got a Keto dirt cook book, so it's ok 😂 I'm allergic to fish, I ate it all the time when I was young. Oh well. I'm actually finally eating more veggies, and I've also cut out potatoes.
      But, I need my red meat 😉

  3. I’ve noticed that too much dairy can increase my inflammation, in addition to sugar. And for sugar I mean an apple or another fruit. Real sweets and white carbs are totally off the chart...

    1. I do okay with carbs if I balance them with protein. I recently, about a year ago, had a severe allergic reaction to fish. Darn - that was a favorite protein for me. I have to avoid tomatoes of any kind. Dairy is still a question mark for me. I'm new to this so still trying to figure it all out.

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