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What Helps When You're In A Flare?

What helps when you’re in a flare? Share your tips below!

Remember, it is always best to talk to your physician before trying anything new!

  1. In this case, I use anti-inflammatory medication, sometimes an injection of corticosteroids and opioid analgesics. But first of all, a hot water bag for the hips and ice bag for the shoulders, which always bother me a lot because of tendinopathies.

    1. Hydrotherapy gives me the best relief during flares. Ice bags on my back and hips also helps as well as NSAIDS and eating more super foods to reduce inflammation like pineapples, cherries, and of course lots of high magnesium mineral water. Steroid injections into my lumbar spine and SI joints helps control my flare ups and increase mobility. My primary physician thinks it is time for me to see a Rheumatologist so I am looking forward to finding out if I am ready for DMARDS or Biologics.

      1. HI, A good Rheumatologist is so important. I didn't find out I had A.S. til I was 65. Tried many biologics, only thing that I don't get a reaction to is Remicade infusions every 6 weeks. Keep moving , rest more than you think is needed. it's a balance you have to figure out.

        1. Thanks for sharing, ! Hope you are doing well 😀

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