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Have you found any exercises that help with your symptoms of AS?

  1. For me flexibility and taking the strain off my back are what I need the most. I have very loose hips so my back is often taking on the task of keeping me straight and upright. I work out with exercise bands to strengthen the muscles that keep my hips in place so I don't need to put extra effort into standing straight. I also like to stand against a wall or do wall sits. The wall sits especially makes me keep my back straight and strengthens my hips and legs. While standing against the wall, I put my arms to the side at right angles and slowly raise them straight up like I'm signalling a touchdown. This aligns my back, and stretches my shoulders. I do that a few times a day in between classes and it really helps me survive the day.

    1. Yes! My rheumatologist has me in physical therapy. I stop and start depending on my GI motility and issues. But low impact stretching and care has helped. We do some pilates & yoga moves. Recovery yoga has helped as well!

      I also try and walk as much as I can. Whether that be to my son's school or the dogs around the block. I try to keep it moving. But I also don't waste steps. I try to make it all count!

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      1. Great question! I know my husband's rheumatologist recommended against high impact exercises based on his state, but I'm not sure if that's the case from everyone.

        Since Keegan got a double hip replacement, he's been loving yoga. Before, his immobility in his hips caused him pain. Now, the stretching, sometimes higher intensity flows, get him just enough exercise and stretching to make him feel great.

        Strength training has also been very beneficial for his back. He had a trainer for a bit who helped him find ways to strengthen his back muscles to help the stress on his lower back. He used a professional, however, to make sure he didn't cause any injuries.

        1. I have found so much relief for my stiffness and pain through doing exercise. I consulted with a physio and we came up with a morning (or whenever my body wakes up) stretch routine that I follow every day and it really gets my body loosened up to take on the day.

          I also try to lift weights 4-5 times a week but I am careful to start light and slowly move up and make sure my technique is right so that I don't risk doing my body any extra damage.

          I also invested in a set of resistance bands that have been amazing as they are very low impact on my joints. There are also a lot of videos on youtube to work out along to with them that feel like a good work out session without causing any pain to my fragile joints.

          Walking is also something that really benefits me but because of the pandemic I have not been out to do this as much as I would like but when things are a bit calmer I will be definitely out there walking more often!

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