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Do you feel protected after the Covid Vaccine?

My son has IgA Deficiency, and he has had two doses of Humira, which lowers his immune system even lower. There are articles that immunocompromised people may not be fully protected after getting the vaccine.

We have a future family reunion. Some of my family are not vaccinated. My immediate family is. My son is not going to go, but he doesn’t want us going either. I’m so torn. This reunion was planned prior to Covid.

What would you do? Are you still protecting yourself in public even though you are fully vaccinated?

  1. You may find some comfort using the link to the following chart published by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) regarding advice related to using the COVID-19 vaccine and various treatments for Rheumatic conditions. Here is the link:

    In case you do not know, Humira is a TNFi medication it is in the second group in table 3.

    Now i know that does not answer your question. For that you should contact your sons rheumatologist. I am not a docotr so I am a poor source. However I will tell you that if you son has been fully vaccinated, and the waiting period is more than 14 days. I believe I would feel OK with attending.

    Now I ma a 64 year old male and that is just me. Not a child like your son. Give your doctor a call they will have great advice. I am sure of that.

    rick - moderator

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