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Currently on celebrex/acupuncture

Hello! I am 35 and was diagnosed in 2013 with AS and already had bone errosions. I had been doing great until about 2 years ago my symptoms became more frequent. I started acupuncture last fall and felt amazing! I had a flare up in December for roughly a week and just recently for a couple weeks. I am thinking the latest flare up was from a very deep tissue massage. I am on celebrex and have taken 32 pills (200 mg) since October 1. I thought I had been doing great.... this recent set back was of course very depressing. My rheumatologist now wants to see me in Sept and get more x-rays to check for progression and also check inflammation levels. If things are worsened they want me to go on humaira. I had thought this would happen when celebrex no longer helps me. Celebrex typically does help me (not always) I just wanted to see if I could get someone's opinion. Everytime I go to my rheumatologist apt it seems like they really push humaira. Thank you!!

  1. We are volunteers here so we never dispense medical advice or opinions. I can say that starting a biologic medication improved my life many times over. Celebrex is an NSAID, whereas Humria is designed to treat the underlying issues and prevent further joint damage.

    I have used biologic medications for over 20 years and have never once regretted that decision. I hope your decision works out for you as well. If you consult with your rheumatologist I am certain it will.

    rick - Moderator

    1. thank you!! When you decided to go on humaira how were you feeling at that point? Were nsaids no longer working?

    2. I have not used Humaira. I started on Remiciade and have used several over the years but not Humaira. I used methotrexate and Relafin (now discontinued, but is now a generic ). When i stopped using that combination I was no longer getting anywhere near the impact as I did with Remiciade.

      In fact, I recall the first time Remiciade really worked, I danced around the house singing I am free. (Rock Opera Tommy, hey i m an old guy).


  2. That is great it has worked for you!! What were your symptoms like before you started the remiciade??

    1. I pretty much stopped being able to walk or sit or lay. My body was just ravaged with pain and getting worse. I still recall being released from that prison. In the 20 years after I have had some rough days. Days things have not gone perfectly. Days that I wish I did not have to endure. But i never once thought i had made a bad decision. I was rapidly on my way to no longer walking , working, or being who I was. .

  3. Wow I am so happy it helped you that much!!! The main reason I am questioning starting it is I don't feel like I am that bad yet. And celebrex seems to be helping. Actually accupuncture has seemed to give me my life back!! To where I typically take very little celebrex. Sometimes I feel like the only thing my rheumatologist cares about is me being on that. I just thought when and if these two things don't work anymore that would be time for humaira. Do you think that is the right thinking??

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