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Explaining To Children Why You Can't Play

Oftentimes when we are around young children, they want to run, kick a ball, or wrestle. But, sometimes our AS doesn't allow us to do this safely without pain. How do you explain to a child why you can't play?

  1. Thank you for posing this question. I don't deflect or lie. I tell the truth and try to see if there is something we can't do together that Mommy can do! And when I am physically feeling better, we can do whatever physical activity it is, he wants to do. I do try to make sure he is able to run around with friends or other able bodied adults, because I am not able to.

    But we do things like Family Movie Night, chess tournaments, video games, astrology on the ceiling, etc. We find things that work for us!
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    1. I say, "Today isn't a physical play day. We can do video games, chess or the library." I divert. I try to keep it as positive as possible. Kids with able-bodied parents don't get to do everything, every day when they want. I always try to have a backup plan for when my physical health might suddenly change.

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      1. I have the same problem with my grands. I just tell them I can’t right now, if I’m waiting for pain meds to work. Sometimes I say I can’t because I’m having a bad day today. But then I suggest something we can do together, like play card or board games. I am their game playing gma and the minute they see me they ask to play a game. Sometimes they do this as I’m pulling into their driveway! Their parents say can you at least wait until she gets out of the car! Lol! We also paint rocks and hide them. A great thing our community joined in on. Check it out on “Clarinda Rocks” on facebook. You just start a site, paint some rocks, put a label on the back of rock and use mod podge to keep it there, spray sealer on all of rock so paint stays on then take a walk with the kids and hide it in plain sight! Get paints and spray sealer from Walmart so it’s inexpensive to do. Label says take a picture of the rock and where you found it and post it on Clarinda Rocks then rehide the rock for someone else to find! Another benefit is exercise is good for AS. It is fun for the kids and something you can do together!Sometimes we just go out to hunt rocks. Make sure once you get a site started you invite all your friends and family to join.

        1. What an absolutely awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing that! I think I have a craft project next time the nieces visit 😃👍🏻

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