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Can anyone recommend comfortable mattresses and pillows for AS sufferers?

Perhaps it’s the nature of the beast(AS) but my mattress is extremely uncomfortable, though only about six years old, and I can’t seem to find a pillow that “works.” Any suggestions?

  1. hello, I just bought a purple mattress and love it but try them out before you buy!

    1. Thank you so much for your mattress recommendation!

  2. Walmart has a mattress that was delivered to my house rolled up. It's a cooling gel memory foam mattress that has a perfect medium firmness. It's a memory foam but not one that sinks your impression into the mattress. It's the best thing I ever bought to care for myself and I've tried many mattresses over the years, always suffering with my AS, pain and lack of sleep. I sleep more comfortably now, and no pressure point pain. I can't remember the name of the mattress but it cost less than $400. for a full size when I bought it about 2 years ago. I wish you well.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll check it out.

      1. I really like the Endy mattress. It is firm but spongy enough that it takes the pressure off of my hips so I have less pressure pain when I sleep. For a pillow I use the halfmoom yoga company small bolster bc it puts my neck in a traction position. Kristen (Anky Spondy )

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