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Brain fog & tiredness

I was diagnosed with AS a couple of years ago, made sense having experienced symptoms for years. I exercise as much as possible, probably drink too much coffee/red wine, but really struggle with brain fog and tiredness. I take NSAID's frequently and am now trying to change my diet e.g. gluten.
Can anybody help advise on ways they've found to reduce brain fog? What have you found are triggers? Any feedback gratefully received.

  1. Hi @AS1404
    thank you for your post and welcome to the community. The brain fog and tiredness are something I still struggle with. Up until recently I put the fog down to age (I'm 63), and too much to think about and sleeping for too long. Plus, my brain has always been slow to get going. Even as a kid I'd be the one wandering around with hooded eyes and my mouth hanging open. 😀 so I didn’t connect brain fog with my AS.
    I think one way of coping with both tiredness and the fog is to make as much time for yourself as you can. Take it slow, if possible. Nothing's perfect, of course, and so life and commitments will dictate that you can neither take your time nor go slow. But living with the AS seems to me to be a series of mini-battles. Some you win and some you lose and there are some where it's a draw. The important thing is to keep at it.
    I'm sure there are routines that others will be able to share with you but for now I plucked this list off the web and it struck me that one or two might be of benefit. They are perhaps a little obvious but here they are just in case. Sorry I couldn't be more specific.
    1 - Spend less time on computer and mobile phone – remind yourself to take a break.
    2 - Positive thinking, reduce stress.
    3 - Get enough sleep – 7-8 hours a day, go to bed at 10pm or no later than midnight.
    4 - Regular exercise.
    5 - Avoid alcohol, smoking, and drinking coffee in the afternoon.
    Best wishes
    Steve - Community Advocate

    1. Thanks Steve, appreciate the reply & that's really useful. Would you say there's been one thing that's helped you the most?

      1. ,
        Brain fog can be so frustrating!
        So many in this community have shared helpful tips on handling brain fog.
        A few of my favorites are meditation and brisk walks. There's nothing like a good walk and fresh air.
        I also found myself getting into "brain games". Sudoku is a current favorite!
        All my best, Doreen (Team Member)

        1. My dad dealt with his brain fog naturally. He was asked to follow by one of his friends for some great natural remedies, which really worked out for him. He followed some remedies that are mostly enriched with therapeutical herbs and spices and full of the goodness of Ayurveda. I can remember some of the names of the herbs such as Triphala, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, etc. There are plenty of resources available on the internet. You can take a look.

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