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Biologics and weight gain

I got diagnosed very recently in 2020 and was put on Cimzia. I have it hard to comprehend having to inject and got bad nasal side effects.. bleeding nose, terrible
Snoring, permanent colds and put on about a stone in weight even though i was back excerising as the pain reduced on the meds. I have stopped taking it now as the side effects and weight gain got
Me down and now i am struggling to loose the weight. Has anyone else struggled with weight and what did you do?

  1. Hello, I looked in two places (not a deep dive) and found some conflicting evidence. In one case a reported outcome was no significant weight gain or loss. But I also found that one poster suggested that weight gain was noted in women between 40 and 50. I cannot find that either of these are peer-reviewed publications. I do not know if that is helpful or not. ..... rick

    1. thank you Rick. Im only in my 30s but I had seen that also. I believe the weight gain is more down to the Cimzia injections rather than AS but i may be wrong as i has read about the 40-50s somewhere also.
      I have just struggled on the injections.

    2. I have no issues with injections (. have been a person with type 1 diabetes for 47 years) I really like infusions. I have used them for off and on for 20 years and I like having them. If you have not tired Remicaide and you dislike injections that might be a possibility. It is an infused medication. Ask your doctor if interested.
      rick - moderator.

  2. Hi. I gained weight when I was first diagnosed. I think I put on about two stone (28lbs) and kept that weight on for a good few years. In my case it was almost certainly because I stopped moving as much as I had but kept on eating the same. In fact, I think I probably ate more because I tend to do that when I am low. I know for some people; they go off food. Not me. I'm like a human vacuum cleaner.
    I haven't heard anything about weight gain being associated with AS meds though. But I get the impression there is still a lot to learn about AS and everything associated with it.
    To answer your question (sorry, I waffled on a bit there), I dieted. I have always been opposed to dieting because I've always believed diets don't really work in the long term. There's lots of evidence to suggest they don't last. But as I began the diet I started thinking about my relationship with food and my attitude to my weight. In my case, I realised I needed to change my whole attitude to food and weight loss.

    I now understand that keeping myself at a healthy weight is something I will need to do for the rest of my life. Initially, that sounds a bit depressing. But again, I decided I must change my mind set. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to do that, but I did. Some weeks/months I do better than others. My weight creeps back up, but I know from past experience, that when it does, my AS aches and pains increase. And that keeps me motivated for most of the time.

    The other thing I would say is that I quickly got my head around the idea that rapid weight loss is rarely a good thing. Your body - and your mind - needs time to adjust to the reduced amount of food you are having. These days, if I lose half a pound a week, I'm happy. And, over the past three years the diet has morphed and changed as I have adapted it to suit me and my lifestyle. I still have my beloved Indian Pale Ales, my takeaways, my unhealthy treats - I love fried foods and sweet things and cream and all those other things - but I just keep an eye out and when the weight starts to creep up, I cut back for a while.

    I hope you find some of that useful, CV.

    Go steady.

    Steve - Community Advocate

    1. Dear Steve, thank you for sharing this and your experience its nice to hear and I agree when my moods are low its easy to self indulge. I appreciate this. All the best

      1. Hi , I think actually I had the opposite when I started my biologics and actually lost a bit of weight. But I think this was because I had previously been unable to walk so the biologics helping me to get some mobility back enabled me to start exercising again.

        However, if you are looking for something helpful for exercising I would really recommend trying out some resistance bands. Mine have been a life saver for me as they are pretty low impact on the joints and I still feel like I am getting a good work out in. They have also been very helpful at me keeping my weight in check during this pandemic with gyms being closed.

        Another thing that I might suggest would be drinking green tea. It is good for boosting metabolism and also has qualities that are supposedly beneficial to arthritic conditions.

        Hope this helps!

        All the best,
        James (Community Member)

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