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Back pain

Hi everyone!
I am glad to have found this website and not feel so alone in dealing with AS.

I started having insidious lower back pain at the age of 25. It wasn’t 4 years later that I finally got tested for AS. It turns out I am positive for HLAB27. I used to have lower back pain every morning but over the years, my pain has traveled up and been more persistent in my mid spine. I

  1. For some reason, my post cut half way. This is a continuation of the post

    I can hardly bend forward without significant pain. I often flex my chest forward and hear multiple popping sensation in my spine. It’s tender to touch 24/7. Is anyone out there experiencing similar symptoms?

    1. I think this fairly describes a large portion of our community. As I tended to stoop forward my back got far more painful and it made a great deal of noise. I know how difficult it is to have that happen. I have always enjoyed placing ice on the most tender spots. How do you deal with the pain?

      rick - moderator

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