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AS and Fibro

Anyone have both AS and fibromyalgia? Tips on managing Fibromyalgia would be warmly welcomed.

  1. hi, there is a fair amount of information online about pain management for relevant afflictions so give that a shot. From a personal perspective I use paracetamol, heat treatment, and a low sodium diet.

    1. hi, I can't directly relate AS pain reduction to lower salt intake due to the other medications I have to take. However, I can say that my general pain did drop off after diagnosis of liver cirrhosis and having to lower my salt intake to reduce hypertension which was causing oedema, albeit only peripheral pain (from AS or fibro). There are a number of research papers, as well as general guidance, into the benefits of salt reduction for pain management due to its relationship with elevated blood pressure causing swelling. Not to say it's a golden key, but maybe something that should get a little more attention

    2. That makes sense !! Thank you for the explanation.

  2. I do not have direct experience but I bet you will get some responses as many in our community face these dual issues.................. rick (moderator)

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