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Anyone going to a chiropractor?


I was wondering if any of you have any experience with going to a chiropractor as "treatment" for your condition?

2 years ago I went to see a chiropractor about my hip- and back pain/stiffness.
After 3-4 appointments he suspected that there were an underlying disease behind my pain / stiffness, so he referred me to do a MRI scan of my pelvic area. The results showed clear signs of inflammation in my SI joints, so I got referred further to a rheumatologist where I quickly after got my AS diagnosis.

Since then, I have continued going to my chiropractor, maybe every 6-8th week or so, and haven't had any flares in my SI joints / hips during this period.

I like to believe it's because of the regular adjustments done by the chiropractor, but it might of course also be because of low inflammation activity in my body.

  1. Hi ,
    It sounds like your chiropractor was quite helpful in diagnosing your AS.
    Many in this community have shared their experiences with chiropractic care.
    I thought I'd include this link to one of our Patient Leader's experiences:
    I do hope others may chime in here as well.
    All my best, Doreen (Team Member)

    1. I had been seeing a chiropractor a few months prior to my diagnosis of AS. I use the traction table. My hope is that by consistently spreading those joints apart it'll help them to never fuse. I honestly dont know if i am deluding myself and at some point I'll get around to asking that question. But the chiro is definitely helpful in reducing the pain i get through out the rest of my back because Im always tensing up or walking funny because im favoring one side over the other which causes other muscles to work harder than they should ergo causing them to hurt

      1. I'm also seeing a chiropractor and I also do the tension table. I also don't know if I am deluding myself but my thinking is the same. Spread that vertabrae

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