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Anyone Doing Remicade Infusions

Hey All !
Hope everyone is feeling well and staying safe ?
Rheumatologist has once again changed meds. I will be starting Remicade IV infusions within a week or so.
I was given the option to go into the hospital or have them done at home. I choose to have them done at my house.
So I was looking for input from anyone who has had this treatment .
If there is anything that I would need to know?
Any info about side effects?
Does it wear you down like methotrexate?
I have been on Enbrel ,Cocentyx & Humaria . They were going to put me on Taltz but Medicaid won't pay for it ?
But I guess they will pay for this even though it's a much more expensive treatment..

If anyone can give me any input that would be awesome. If not I will post my experience..
Have a awesome day/night

  1. I used remicaide for six years both at home and at an infusion center. I thought the medication was wonderful and had it not stopped working I would gladly still be using it.

    It did make me sleepy for that evening so I tried to do it on Friday.

    1. hi thank you for your input. I was thinking it may wear you out so the Friday thing might not be a bad idea 2 days to recover.

  2. Thanks for posting! 😀

    It sounds like you're interested in what Remicade is, how it works, and its side effects. I'd recommend this article,

    If you want to read about lived experienced with Remicade, Steff's 6 Month Update on Humira provides great insight.

    Hope that's a little helpful!

    - Cody (Team Member)

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