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Just curious about people's experience with continued acupuncture treatment . It has given me my life back and wanting so see how many have tried it and stuck with it.

  1. I haven't tried it yet and curious about ongoing treatment as well. I did try dry needling for trigger points in my shoulders.

    1. I have been doing acupuncture every 10-14 days for my AS and it has been wonderful. Helps a LOT with increasing your range of motion in your spine and ability to twist. Also helps reduce pain in your hips and spine. I get really bad iritis and unfortunately that is the only symptom my acupuncturist hasn't been able to help me with but for any back pain or joint pain it works really well!

      1. I live in Los Angeles which can be pretty expensive and my acupuncturist doesn’t take insurance so I pay $100-$120 out of pocket for each session depending on what she does on me.

      2. the place i go charged $60 cash. Or $65 card. Or i have a co pay once i meet my deductible with insurance of $45. So it is costly especially where you are!! But I'm willing to pay for anything that could help me.

    2. Wow that is so great to hear! I was hoping other people tried to use accupuncture as well! Sometimes I hear that it didn't help so then I always wonder if people stick it out and stay doing it. At first it didn't work and they would change the position and finally found something that worked. Its time consuming and costly but worth it for me.

      1. I cannot seem to find one that is reputable in my area. I will get there as soon as I get one in my area.

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