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27 years old w/ AS and a full hip replacement

Hi there! I'm new here and was just looking for some tips on how everybody handles their AS and if anybody here takes Low Dose Naltrexone. If so does it help you?

I was diagnosed roughly 5 years ago and received a full hip replacement due to the AS. I was taking Humira every two weeks but it was causing me to get sick regularly so I am now switching over to LDN.

Currently I am having a horrible flare up because I have not been taking any medication for a few months. I am in good shape and eat pretty well. What are some tips and tricks you guys have to help?

Thanks in advanced for any help at all!

  1. Hey sorry to hear you are having a bad flare at the moment . Have you tried any of the other biologics other than Humira ?
    I heard of the LDN on here for the first time so put it to my rheumatologist to see if it was a option for me but she said that here in the u.k it’s not used for a treatment for A.S and that I wouldn’t help with the progression of the disease . So she advised me to try a biologic which I am starting very soon and I choose to try Enbrel first which is now called Benepali .
    I hope you can get some more information on either one and you find something that helps you with the flare up .
    When I have a flare up that lasts a while I usually get given a steroid injection or take oral steroids and they help . But I have been advised by the rheumatologist I see that I can not stay on the steroids long term . So at the moment I’m taking naproxen NSAIDs which are taking the edge off the pain until I start the Benepali .
    I keep doing my stretches , warm baths and swimming gently so I think that’s helping a bit too for now .
    Blessings to you and I hope you feeling better soon .

    1. I was on Humira and it helped a bit but not enough. I switched to Cosentyx and it helped a great deal more. I still have rough days, especially with low pressure systems coming into the area. However, I have many more good days on Cosenyx.

      1. Hey bud, I know this is a little late but I started taking LDN about 7 months ago. I felt amazing on it for a while but I think its lost its affect on me. I have that issue with all medications I've been on though including 4 biologics. They all work great for awhile then it seems to wear off. Just keep that in mind you could be different and it could work indefinitely. I started out with .5 milligrams and after a week or so bumped it up to 1 milligram. Then after a few more weeks 1.5 and so on. I still take it though cause I think it is still helping and I just recently bumped it up to 2 milligrams and I do feel less pain and am sleeping better. I'm getting it through a pharmacy in town where I live but I tried to switch over to some LDN that I ordered off the internet and noticed the internet LDN was garbage and I felt terrible on it so had to switch back over so keep that in mind too. Hope this helps bro!

        1. Hi Snook, sorry for the very late response. Hot shower in the morning, and evening, really helps me. I don't/can't bath, much as I would like to. Getting in and out is too much of a chore. I'd also recommend a sauna/hot tub or steam room. All of those things really help ease my bones. And, as someone else mentioned, Naproxen is good to take the edge off. Then there's beer. :0)
          I do hope you are feeling much better now.
          Best wishes
          Steve (Community Advocate)

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