What Are Biosimilars?

Last updated: January 2022

Biosimilars are highly similar to an already-approved biologic medication. Biologic medications (including biosimilars) are typically made from living organisms. Biologic medications may be generated from various sources, including human, animal, bacteria, or yeast origins.1

Biosimilars vs. generic medications

Generic medicines have the same active ingredient and are almost exact copies of a name brand medicine. However, biosimilars aren’t exactly like their "name brand" biologics. Biosimilars are generally less expensive than the name brand, and they provide another treatment option for patients.1

Are biosimilars as effective as biologics?

Biosimilars must undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness before they receive approval. The FDA only approves biosimilars that have no clinically meaningful differences from the approved reference product, meaning they will treat your AS or AxSpa just the same as a name brand biologic.1

Biosimilars for AS

Many biosimilars continue to be approved for the treatment of both AS and AxSpa. Some examples of biosimilars are:2,3

  • Inflectra (CT-P13), a biosimilar to Remicade
  • Amjevita (adalimumab-atto), a biosimilar to Humira

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